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How to Keep Fleas Off Your Lawn

How to Keep Fleas Off Your Lawn

Everyone likes to spend time outside to enjoy the fresh air and good weather. Even fleas. They are present in the environment all year round in areas like Florida. It takes a strong freeze to kill them. But that’s especially problematic in the summer as people spend more time outside.All American Pest Control prides itself on using the best products, equipment, and methods. They value superior customer satisfaction. Check it out by yourself.

Why You Should Get Rid Of Fleas

The fleas are a nightmare not only on the inhabitants but also on their pets. When a dog is unfortunately bitten, he scratches himself until he drives his owner crazy. But it also has many impacts on the animal’s health:

  • An infection
  • Hair loss
  • A flea allergy dermatitis 
  • Secondary skin inflammation

For humans, flea bites are usually located around the ankles and take the form of small red bumps that itch a lot. Lawn flea prevention is something to keep in mind when owning a beautiful house with a garden.

Proceed To Lawn Flea Prevention As Soon As Possible

Lawn flea prevention is more effective if the infestation is sooner detected. It is then easier to control them. Towards the end of May and June, insects are still in the nymph stage. There is no visible damage yet.

When the first symptoms begin to be visible, fleas are already in the adult stage. By August, without intervention, the damage is often irreversible. The lawn is unrecoverable and symptoms are all the more favored by the hot, dry climate.

At this stage, the best option remains reseeding. In the case of early detection, there are several methods that are effective:

  • Cultural
  • Biological
  • Chemical

Different methods for Lawn Flea Prevention

Do you feel that you need to intervene for lawn flea prevention?  There are several options available to you.

Natural/Biological Pest Control Methods

  1. Buy or prepare a soap treatment and spray it on your lawn
  2. Place a flannel sheet over the treated area
  3. Encourage the presence of Geocoris or other predators
  4. Spray with neem oil (or rosemary, lemongrass, cinnamon, and citrus oil)
  5. Spread some diatomaceous earth
  6. Use insect traps
  7. Sprinkle with a powerful jet of wate

Chemical Pest Control Method

This method of control consists of controlling pest populations with pesticides. Some are natural while others are synthetic. An IPM program will aim to use more selective pesticides. They target only the target species without affecting beneficial species.

A Company For All Seasons

The flea is a major pest in Florida. It can resist the usual extermination solutions and cause considerable damage. Do you want to have a fresh lawn for your children and pets to play on? The solution is All American Pest Control. This company aims to make your life easier by taking total responsibility. Their teams have the ability and know-how to apply the right material at the right time. Recover your lawn from unwanted insects by calling 954-642-6680.

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