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Ways to keep your Lawn ready for winter

Sprinkler repair Weston
Sprinkler repair Weston

In the state of Florida, we may not have a brutal winter of our northern neighbors. Your grass may still need a little more attention as the cool season approaches. Due to so many Floridians, warm-season grass simply is not used to the bitter cold. Most of the grass may sustain some discoloration at the onset of cooler temperatures. Though they are not that attractive as their usual shade of green, this is a natural cover against the cold and takes place in anticipation of a recovery in spring. Nonetheless, if there is severe cold, there should be a proper precaution or ways to keep your lawn protected from winter. Take note of the following tips that you can look forward to a green, healthy lawn come springtime.

Need to have a proper fertilization

One most important ways to keep your lawn green is to have proper fertilization. But if you have a wrong mix of your fertilization it will lead to more harm than good. With all of this proper fertilization will help your lawn safe from all kinds of pests and bugs that keep from your property and keep your lawn healthy.

With a Proper Water

The over-watering to your lawn can increase the damage caused by a freeze or severe frost but not watering at all can present the problem as well. So proper sprinkler systems help your lawn safe from freeze and damage. Sprinkler repair Parkland is your partner to keep your system work properly. Proper scheduling of lawn watering should be adjusted in response to rainfall and temperature, but until the temperature reaches 45-degrees. 

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Proper right sprinkler system Weston helps your lawn protect from the invasion of all kinds of pests. We at All American Pest Control is expert in helping your lawn healthy and green.

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