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How to Identify Cause of Brown Patches in your Lawn?

Sprinkler Repair Hollywood fl
Sprinkler Repair Hollywood fl

The most common problem in the lawn is brown spots which most homeowners must deal with.  This kind of problem is difficult to find the cause. Due to many kinds of pest and disease has the same cause looking the lawn brown patches. Most homeowners have found wasting their time and energy to have a pest solution in the wrong way which makes it more worsen. One cause of brown patch on your lawn in brown patch fungus. This kind of fungus produces distinctly circular patches of dead grass. When the grass recovers in the center, a donut-like shape sometimes occurs on it. However, not all brown patches are caused by this fungus. That is why it is proper identification is needed. 

Causes of Brown Patches on Your Lawn

Pets – One cause of brown patches on your lawn is the dog waste that has nitrogen that makes the grass burn, leaving it irregular brown spots. The damage varies in size and location depends on the place of the dog waste. Thus, it is important to train your pet to have a proper place to have their waste be.

Chinch Bugs – This kind of bugs prefers hot and dry season, meaning during summer one cause of brown patch from your lawn is Chinch bugs. 

Grub- If you properly treated your grass grub is rare to happen in your lawn. However, if you are not using a proper guide and start to notice a mosaic-like pattern of dying grass. These underground larvae can damage your root system.

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One proper way to prevent brown patches on your lawn is the proper Sprinkler system, that is why you need sprinkler Repair Hollywood fl. They will help you to have a good lawn away from any pest, fungus, and pets waste to damage your lawn. If your sprinkler system is properly protected your lawn will prevent the brown patches. In different seasons your lawn is healthy if your system in watering your garden is properly fixed. Then brown patches will not happen in your garden. Take your time to check your sprinkler system regularly.

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