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Lawn Pest Control Spraying

Lawn spraying can solve many problems occurring on your lawn. Are you dealing with insect infestations? You need to approach the situation in the right way. After destroying the infestation, you must ensure that there are no future relapses. Besides, pesticides can be harmful to you, your children and pets. They have to be both used and disposed of with the necessary precautions. Hiring lawn spraying experts will guarantee a safe and efficient intervention.

Do This Before Lawn Spraying

Before lawn spraying begins, there are many preparations. Ask yourself whether the pest you want to get rid of is dangerous. Some insects, such as ladybirds may be beneficial. They feed on mites and lacewings that eat aphids.

There are some primary solutions against pests that you can go for:

  1. Clean up the mess
  2. Do not leave garbage in the building
  3. Plug passageways and holes where pests can enter the building
  4. Avoid overgrowth of vegetation around the building
  5. Do not discharge water near the property

Precautions During Lawn Spraying

Each lawn problem requires specific lawn spraying equipment. The most common types of sprayers are compression, tank, and hose-end lawn sprayers. No matter the method you choose, there are many precautions you should remember to take:

  • Close all the window
  • Remove or cover any outdoor toys and picnic table
  • Keep the children and beloved pets indoors
  • Avoid being near sites that are being sprayed

Avoid buying pesticides on the Internet. Some do not come with proper directions or warnings. This can lead to accidental misuse or injury.

Never try to make your own homemade pesticides. This practice can be dangerous to your health and the safety of others, and to the environment as well

Prevent Drift From Lawn Spraying

Consider lawn spraying only on the affected areas. This practice reduces drift and the total amount of product used.

Avoid spraying when :

  1. There is no wind
  2. The wind is strong or gusty
  3. There is little or no moisture
  4. There is fog or mist

A specialist has the necessary training for the safe application of pesticides. He or she will also know how to choose equipment that minimizes pesticide drift. The specialist follows federal regulations. Those include buffer zones and upper wind speeds when applying a pesticide.

Contact Lawn Spraying Experts

All American Pest Control provides lawn spraying services for: 

  • Residential properties/landscapes
  • Commercial properties/landscapes
  • Industrial properties/landscapes

All technicians have received extensive training on Florida plants and pests. The goal is to ensure that the landscape is healthy and thriving. The programs offered provide added value. Not only do they protect your landscape, but they enrich the investment in the landscape. Professional teams help you achieve the benefits intended for your property.

All American Pest Control is always dedicated and committed to your satisfaction. The teams will strive to ensure that your landscape is always maintained to the best of its ability. Get in touch with them now at 954-642-6680.